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Serving the Youth of Milford Since 1966
Home of the 2011 Midget National Cheer Champions
2011 and 2014 Junior Pee Wee Football New England Regional Champions


Milford Eagles

Welcome to Milford Pop Warner Football & Cheer. We are Milford's LARGEST youth Football and Competitive Cheer league with over 440 children participating in six divisions.

The mission of the Milford Pop Warner organization is “to enable children to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, Milford programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that children will use throughout their lives”.

All coaches are now certified in the USA football Heads Up Football

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Nationals Update!
Hi Everyone, Here is an update from game one down at  Nationals!! Jr.PeeWee...
Off We GO!! Disney, Here Comes Milford Eagles!
So today the first of our Families start to head down to Disney in...
Community Champion Award
Dean Debiase, a long time volunteer and coach for our league recently...
Easy and FREE League Fundraiser!!
MEPW Families... At our May Board Meeting, we heard from Ron Palumbo,...
Charlie Boyle Family Trust
The Charles F. Boyle Family Trust   Charlie Boyle...
Nationals Update!

Hi Everyone,

Here is an update from game one down at  Nationals!!

Jr.PeeWee played their 1st game this morning at 11AM against the Deer Valley Snakes from Arizona!

Despite their best efforts, our boys came up short.  They lost 31-0 to the Snakes...HOWEVER, in True MEPW fashion, the Team and the Coaches played their hearts out until the very end!  They never gave up; never stopped pushing and at every moment, played with true guts and most importantly, a true display of Sportsmanship!

The boys play again on Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM and the Jr. Midgets Cheer Team will be on hand to Cheer them on!!

We are all so very Proud of our Jr. Pee Wee team, Coach Larry and His Staff!!  Keep playing hard and Good Luck on Tuesday Boys!!


**Don't forget, Pee Wee Cheerleaders Compete immediately following the game on Tuesday (11:30AM) and Jr. Midget Cheer compete on Wednesday afternoon at 3:08 PM.


Good Luck to ALL as the week progresses!!



by posted 12/06/2014
Off We GO!! Disney, Here Comes Milford Eagles!

So today the first of our Families start to head down to Disney in preparation for the 2014 National Championships!! The JPW Football Team will play their first Game Saturday morning at 11AM.  Their 2nd Game will be Tue morning at 8:30AM and the JR. Midget Cheerleaders will be on hand to Cheer them on!!  Pee Wee Cheerleaders will Compete Tue Morning at 11:30  and the Jr. Midget Cheerleaders will compete on Wednesday at 3:08 PM.

Each of these events can be viewed by logging on to the Championship Site on  click on the championship tab and there will be directions for the webcast.  You will need to set up an account, but will be able to view events live.

We would like to say to each of these Teams CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments, Safe Travels down, and wish you all GOOD LUCK!!!!  You have all done Milford Eagles Proud already this Season....

Go Get Em Eagles...We are the Best in New England!!!!

Win or loose, You are the BEST, and we are ALL SO PROUD!!!





by posted 12/04/2014
Community Champion Award

Dean Debiase, a long time volunteer and coach for our league recently won the Community Champion Award from Peoples Bank, where he is an employee.  This award is given to employees who do outstanding volunteer work within the community.  Employees who win this award are given a $500.00 check to their named non profit organization.  Dean has asked that Peoples Bank write the check to Milford Pop Warner and specifically to the Charles F Boyle Scholarship.  Great job Dean and Congratulations!

Thanks--The Milford Pop Warner Family

by posted 11/19/2014
Easy and FREE League Fundraiser!!

MEPW Families...

At our May Board Meeting, we heard from Ron Palumbo, Home Energy Supervisor with Tri-City Heating and Cooling!  He has offered our League an AMAZING Fundraising opportunity that is not only a great opportunity for our League, but is FREE to all of us.  As customers to UI, all of us pay into a CT Energy Fund already!  So, what Ron is offering is simple...For every person who calls and schedules a Home Energy Evaluation, which again is FREE, he will pay back to MEPW $50.00.  Any work that is performed on your home is also FREE to you!  Your utility Co (UI) pays the bill to Tr-City as you have already paid for this service!!  So, you will be getting, in essence, work done for FREE, WHICH WILL SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILL, while helping our League earn Valuable money for our kids!!


Please contact Leanne Soule, Home Energy Coordinator, at 203-701-5742 to schedule your appointment!  All you need is your UI Account Number and your address!

If you switch to Tri-City's Electrical Supplier, they will donate an additional $5.00

Remember, tell them Milford Pop Warner Sent You!  Refer your Friends and Family too....This is FREE to all of you, and you will get much needed energy savings work done FOR FREE!!!

***You will also be given 4 LED light bulbs, for FREE at the time of your appointment!

Thanks for helping out our League, your kids, and for spreading the word!!



362 New Haven Avenue, Milford, CT 06460 : Phone: (203) 874-8279 : Fax: (203) 877-4430



What is Tri City Home Energy Services?


Tri City is a certified energy contractor that participates in the state of Connecticut’s utility sponsored energy efficiency program. The sole function of Tri City HES is to save the home owner money. Tri City Home Energy Services (HES) saves our clients money by evaluating their home and revealing responsible money saving measures, in addition to providing over $2000 of subsidized energy saving improvements to our clients.


How it works:


Connecticut’s utilities, United Illuminating, Connecticut Light and Power, Southern Connecticut Gas and Yankee Gas all take a small percentage of your utility costs and funnel them toward the CT energy efficiency fund. Every client Tri City works with has already paid their hard earned money into this fund and they are choosing Tri City HES to help them claim their energy savings. Tri City HES typical energy savings experienced by our clients ranges from 20%-35% depending on project scope.


Home Energy Service consists of:


Measuring & Sealing Air Leakage:    

Air is leaking out of all homes old and new. Our energy team is trained to know how to measure the air leaking from your home, where to look to find the leaks and how to seal them. Less air leaking from your home means better temperature control, less drafts, lower energy bills, and more money in YOUR pocket.


Testing for Duct Leakage:                  

Ask any professional ALL DUCTS LEAK!! The more ductwork you have or if you have multiple systems in your home duct leakage is cost you HUGE $$$, hindering your systems performance and life expectancy because it’s working too hard. Tri City’s’ Home Energy team test for leaking ducts and seals all exposed ductwork.


Lights, water & drafts:           

Now that the major energy wasters in the home have been resolved we move on to the next largest energy consumers, lights, LED lighting, water measures and weather stripping. Tri City HES professionals will upgrade most of your light bulbs to the energy efficient style, change shower head and faucets aerators to low flow, as well as providing door sweeps and draft eliminating V-seal to applicable doors. Don’t worry, if you are not happy with any of these energy savings measures you can decline them.




Schedule a Tri City home energy services with your technician today to take advantage of special benefits available only to Tri City customers!! Have a Tri City HES done at your home and claim your savings today!


by posted 07/14/2014
Charlie Boyle Family Trust

The Charles F. Boyle Family Trust


Charlie Boyle was born on June 30, 1960, the third of nine children. A family that today would have its own show on TLC, likely titled The Boyle Brood, unfortunately Charles Sr. and Carol started their family 40 years before the reality television boom. Charlie grew up in New Milford, NJ, and with eight siblings to blame things on; he was able to get away with a lot. But in most ways Charlie enjoyed a typical childhood full of family, friends and fun.

The highlight of his young life coming in 1969 when the Amazin’ Mets won the World Series and thus begun Charlie’s long suffering love affair with the Metropolitans. He was, however, able to avoid the lure of Broadway Joe Namath and the Super Bowl winning Jets to be an avid N.Y. Giants fan.

Charlie attended New Milford High School, class of 1978, where among other activities; he was a member of the wrestling team, after years of honing his skills against his brothers and, despite his mother’s objections, his sisters.

Charlie began working for Shared Technologies in 1982 as a dispatcher. It might have been Charlie’s work ethic that saw him climb the corporate ladder to Regional Manager, but it was his devilish good looks that caught the attention of fellow employee. It was in 1995 when Charlie met the love of his life and co-worker, Lauren Hart. Charlie and Lauren found their way to Connecticut in 1997, following the path of Charlie’s ancestors to Old Milford, or Milford as it is actually known. They were married on February 14, 1999.

Charlie and Lauren were soon blessed with a son Jimmy in 1999 and again with twin daughters Hailey and Kari in 2004. Charlie was a loving and involved father, including spending seven years as Special Teams Coach for the Milford Eagles Pop Warner football team. He led that team to a birth in the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Disney World because special teams win championships.

Charlie was always known for his sense of humor, a positive attitude and a heart of gold. Charlie was also a fighter, growing up he fought with his siblings, in high school he fought in a wrestling ring, as a business man he fought to start his own company, TelServ in 2002, as a husband…well he knew better, with his children he fought to convince them to be Mets fans as the Yankees and Red Sox kept winning titles. He also fought in a hospital bed, more often than anyone should have to and he won most of those fights. That’s what makes Charlie Boyle’s life an inspiration, he had to fight for it and because he had to fight for it, he made the most out of every moment. Unfortunately he lost his last fight and Charlie Boyle Jr. entered peace on January 29, 2014.

About the Cause

This trust has been established for Jimmy, Hailey and Kari, to aid in their education and provide them with the bright future Charlie had envisioned for them. We are asking for you to pick up the fight for Charlie and any support you can give is greatly appreciated. 

To make a donation please send a check payable to The Charles F. Boyle Family Trust to:

Peoples Bank

3395 Main Street

Stratford, CT 06614

C/O Dean DeBiase


On behalf of the Lauren, Jimmy, Hailey, Kari and the entire Boyle family we thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support.

by posted 02/26/2014
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